Cancer can wreak havoc on the body and so can the treatments for cancer. People often lose their brows and their lashes. Sometimes these areas grow back and sometimes they never do. Along with the ravages of this awful disease on the body, self-perception can change as well, adding to lack of self-esteem and reduced confidence. Other conditions that can have a serious impact on self-confidence due to lack of body hair growth are hypothyroidism, alopecia (an auto-immune disorder where one loses all hair on their body) and trichotillomania (a condition where one pulls out hair, lashes or brows due to anxiety).

Women or men who have undergone breast reconstruction due to breast cancer may feel awkward about their new look. Permanent cosmetics done by our seasoned permanent cosmetic professional and registered nurse can help to build positive body image again by creating a three-dimensional looking areola and nipple and by bringing symmetry back to the breasts.

Permanent makeup is a soft and natural solution for those people who have lost their brows, eyelashes or even have thinning hair due to medical conditions. A soft, smudgy eyeliner can mimic lashes, giving definition to the eyes. Later when lashes grow back in, the permanent liner will only make those lashes lovelier.

Hair stroke like permanent makeup brows are the latest and greatest thing to mimic real brow hair. There are many terms for this; microblading, nano-blading, 3D brows, sculptured brows, ombre’ brows and others. Hair loss can be minimized by shading the scalp with hair like colored pigments in a pin point pattern or in small hair strokes. Dozens of colors are available for any of these procedures so that red heads, blondes, brunettes or people with somewhere in-between colors can find something attractive for their palette.

Permanent cosmetics can be done before or after radiation or chemotherapy treatments. We have had many clients come in for these procedures knowing they will be going through treatment in the next few months. Having your brows, liner and hair coloring intact often helps to improve not only how you look but also how you feel as one goes through these very challenging medical scenarios. People often have many visitors during times of illness and hospitalization. Permanent cosmetics can have a positive impact on how one feels as they receive visitors.

Oncologists, ophthalmologists, plastic surgeons and other health care professionals often endorse permanent cosmetics as a way of helping patients to maintain a positive outlook about themselves.

Beautiful You Permanent Cosmetics has a team of experts that are ready to help you choose what’s best for you. A look that will flatter your coloring and lifestyle is waiting for you.