I have observed many clients with thinning hair over the last fifteen years of doing permanent cosmetics. They use all kinds of methods to camouflage their hair loss such as parting their hair in various ways or using powders and sprays. Both men and women are often very self-conscious about their thinning and balding scalps.

Three years ago, I decided to address this issue for my clients by expanding my services to include Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP).  I wanted very specific training in order to enhance my understanding of cosmetic tattooing before venturing into SMP because it is unlike any other body tattooing. The scalp integument is different from the rest of the body and needs to be treated with care to avoid deleterious results.

I first trained under Moshe Alul and received a good base training in SMP. A year later I traveled to Seattle and trained under expert SMP artist Pam Neighbors of Trillium Ink.  I brought all that I learned from this excellent training back to Beautiful You and shared it with clients who were candidates for SMP. We have had excellent results ever since. The confidence level of clients who no longer need to powder their heads before they head out for the day is wonderful to see. From hair line parts to full skull caps and whole scalps, we have been addressing thinning and balding as well as camouflaging scars from surgeries related to hair replacement techniques.

A consultation is the first step where I learn what bothers the client about the appearance of their scalp, while hearing about any previous steps they have taken to address their hair loss. Often at this meeting, I will do an inconspicuous SMP patch on their scalp so that they can experience the sensation of the procedure as well as see the instant results. From here, we talk about how long the procedure will take as well as the cost of the procedure. Then, if the client wishes to move forward, we book their first of three appointments, spread approximately ten days apart, and send the client home with a scalp scrub product that they will use a day before each appointment to prepare the area.

In a little over a month, concerns about thinning and balding hair can be alleviated by SMP. Like with any other cosmetic tattooing, self-confidence is boosted, and the client doesn’t have to fuss with day-to-day techniques to hide, camouflage or create symmetry on their scalp.