What is the difference between Botox and Dysport when it comes to facial aesthetics?

In the world of aesthetic neurotoxins, people often recognize the name Botox way before they recognize the name Dysport. Both of these products are used in the aesthetics world, but Botox was approved for aesthetic application in the US in 2002 and Dysport in 2006.

The way neurotoxins work, particularly for facial aesthetics, is that a very small amount of the neurotoxin is injected into overly active muscles that create deep lines and wrinkles in the skin above them. For instance, the deep “11’s” people often have between their eyebrows, or the significant horizontal lines on the forehead from doing a lot of computer work or spending a lot of time in the sun. Neurotoxins help the targeted muscles to relax a bit, but not entirely, in order to reduce deep lines and wrinkles, creating a softer, more rested look to the face. This relaxation of the muscles is temporary. When using Botox, the effect lasts for around 3 months. When using Dysport, however, the effect lasts around 4 months. Depending on your body’s metabolic rate, you may get slightly less or slightly more time of this effect. In addition, both of these products will often last longer than these projected effective periods after someone has been using them consistently for a year.

At Beautiful You, we use Dysport for two main reasons. One, as stated earlier, is that it lasts longer than Botox by at least a month. Two, the onset of the effect is quicker than Botox, so the client gets faster and longer lasting effects, which is less expensive in the long run for them. Although everyone’s face is different, the average amount one could expect to pay at Beautiful You for the 11’s between the eyebrows is $225. We also offer the Galderma Aspire Rewards program which offers additional cost saving opportunities.

People, more often than not, say, “What a huge difference Dysport has made in my face! I should have done it a long time ago.” They love it. It takes years off and helps them to feel better about themselves. People often ask me when they should start using products like these. Obviously, that is a personal choice, but, depending on your lifestyle, stress levels and muscular activity in your face, one could conceivably start in the mid-20’s to keep those skin wrinkles from ever forming. The muscles will do what they do but the skin always follows. So, make some faces in the mirror and evaluate for yourself. Do the surprised look in the mirror and then make the angry look and see how your face responds in terms of wrinkles and lines. On average, both women and men, usually begin these products in their late 30’s. This will keep your face appearing younger and more refreshed as you age. We always recommend a healthy diet with lots of colorful fruits and veggies, regular exercise, sunscreen, and a good skin care regimen for the best-looking skin!

Our registered nurse, Sheila Bowen, is our injector and has a great eye for symmetry and facial aesthetics. If you would like to talk with her more about it or schedule a service, click on “Schedule an appointment” and look for the “Botox/Filler Injection Consult”.