The Latest Beautiful You

  • Michelle M.
    I was nervous because I don’t tolerate pain well. Very surprised when I didn’t feel any pain! I highly recommend Sheila for any procedure. – Michelle M.
  • Amanda B.

    “Sheila, I have to admit, when you first finished with Taylor’s eyebrows, I was a little worried, despite you telling me that they would fade somewhat. Now, just five days later, they look AMAZING! Even when I look at them up close, you can barely tell they are not actually hair. I am very happy with the results and Taylor is too! I think it gave him a confidence boost. I will gladly pass your name on to whoever needs your services. Finding you was definitely a blessing for Taylor. Thanks so much!”

    – Amanda B.

  • Nancy M.

    “I love my eyeliner and can’t imagine living without it.”

    – Nancy M. (Jazzercise Instructor)

  • Alanha A.

    “Sheila is one of the most beautiful women I know….inside and out. That makes such a huge difference when someone is performing this kind of service for you. She knows how to assist in bringing out your natural beauty! You never fail to leave feeling completely indulged. I would recommend her to all of my family!”

    – Alanha A.

  • Julie W.

    “I am genuinely thrilled with my permanent eyeliner. I wake up ready to go with minimal additional prep. The care Sheila has given to hundreds of her clients makes Beautiful You the definitive Permanent Makeup Studio in Springfield!”

    – Julie W.

  • Jess T.

    “I have had so many compliments on my eyebrows. I told my sister I had my eyebrows done and she was looking directly at them and I had to tell her it was permanent makeup and not real eyebrows! She was amazed! Thank you so much! I love this!!! You deserve some sort of an award! You took so much stress away from my everyday life! Thank you so much!”

    – Jess T.

  • Jan K.

    “What a wonderful place & super staff! Sheila is very professional, compassionate, and more than competent at her skill. I am a devoted client and would recommend Beautiful You Permanent Cosmetics to anyone who wants to make the most of what God gave them. I’ve had my lips, brows, and eyeliner done and I love to wake up and not scare my husband! Also, my lips don’t leave marks on my glass – YAY!”

    – Jan K.

  • Kathryn C.

    “I love my new eyebrows and eyeliner! Sheila put me at ease from the moment we met and through the entire, absolutely painless process. Yes, I said painless! She helped me make the best color selection for my skin tone and face shape. The Beautiful You studio is immaculate, soothing, and designed for pampering. I would highly recommend Sheila to my friends and family.”

    – Kathryn C.

  • Johna S.

    “I would recommend Sheila to anyone looking to have their brows microbladed. The office staff is so friendly and professional. Sheila is the absolute best at her trade! This was the best money I have ever spent on myself – my brows look natural and perfect. Three people from my place of employment are going to or have already scheduled their appointments. You WILL NOT be disappointed; go ahead a treat yourself…. YOU deserve it!”

    – Johna S.

  • Madison S.

    “I feel like I can wake up and face the world. The process was done with ease and care. Shelia’s work is clean and precise. She is kind and vibrant. There was no pain involved. I was told what to expect and how to care for my brows. In fact, it was fast, and easy. Best decision ever and I will return to her hands down. Top of the line!”

    – Madison S.

  • Elizabeth H.

    “I recently had both my eyebrows and eyeliner done at Beautiful You. It was my second time for eyeliner after 20 years. This is the most professional and most aesthetic application of permanent cosmetics I have experienced. I highly recommend the staff here at Beautiful You. You may arrange your appointment online and communicate via email if you have concerns about your procedure. I am thrilled to have found these services by trusted, experienced, certified professionals.”

    – Elizabeth H.