Are you as tired of hearing about Covid as I am? How long is this bug going to be around? Last year at this time, I thought we were on our way out of this mess from a day-to-day, moment-by-moment basis.

My daughter recently got married over Labor Day weekend and we had no less than 16 people cancel within a day of the wedding, including the mother-of-the groom, brother and sister of the groom, flower girl, ring bearer, a groomsman, and several invitees because of Covid.  I think of all the family events and memories around us, in our community and abroad that have been affected by Covid over the last year and a half and it makes me very sad. Has life changed forever because of a virus? The wedding was beautiful and everyone who attended celebrated in our joy.

I had Covid last April and thankfully suffered no more than a killer sinus headache for a few days and the loss of taste and smell, which is about 50% improved at this point. I know many of your friends and loved ones have suffered much worse as have some of mine.

During this prolonged Covid experience, I remind myself to be thankful because in so many ways, a bounty of blessings has been poured out around me. Beautiful You was closed for two months during the spring of 2020 after having been open since 2006.  That allowed me time to work on a fixer upper house and to have time to bicycle, do yoga, work on the yard and meditate with my Lord every day. It was the most relaxed I had been in a long time. The last 18-months has slowed our business some but our doors are still open, which is itself a blessing as many small businesses in Springfield have closed for the same reason.  We have brought on new services like injectables and laser and have taken on new business software to analyze our business performance better. The slower time has given us more availability to connect with each other from a staff perspective and to visit with our clients that are in our chairs as we are not as rushed in back-to-back bookings. I’ve had more time to read up on med spa trends and issues, learn new techniques for procedures such as using a cannula for injectables to make the experience more comfortable for clients and reduce procedural bruising. I’ve been taking a Dermal Filler Complications Mastery course by Dr. Tim Pierce so that I can be a better practitioner for my clients and be able to know what the best course of treatment is for their desired outcome. In this time of less busy, we are grateful for all of the opportunities about us.

Our staff is using this Covid season to prepare ourselves in many ways so that we can give you the ultimate patient experience and deliver the best outcomes. When the Covid buzz does die down, and I’m sure it will as life must move on, we will be ready to serve you. In the meantime, I want to assure you that we take cleanliness and sanitation serious at Beautiful You. We clean regularly, sanitize equipment and rooms, doorknobs and counters and always use disposable items patient to patient. We follow our city guidelines for Covid precautions and will do any additional precautions you deem necessary for your safe and comfortable visit to Beautiful You for your personal beauty treatments. All you need do, is speak up and we will make it happen.

As you prepare for the fall season, we look forward to having you visit us for a color boost on your eyeliner or brows, a dermaplaning facial to remove fuzzy hair and dead skin cells off your cheeks or some laser to rejuvenate that sun-soaked skin. It is our pleasure to serve you! Thank you for hanging in there with us!