We do a lot of correction work for women and men who have had previous permanent cosmetics done in years past. Like anything we put in or on our body, such as food or hair coloring, pigments from permanent eyebrows also oxidize in the tissue. This causes the color to change over time.

So, those once beautiful, lush brown brows from ten years ago can eventually turn a ghastly gray. Or, those blond brows can turn a funny pink or orange. When this begins to happen, it means it’s time for a color boost and also for a little corrective action. That pretty black liner from five years ago can sometimes turn a blue, which isn’t the most flattering of colors on most complexions.

Your experienced permanent cosmetics technician will know how to color correct the color you’ve come in with and over one to three sessions, we usually can get you back to a flattering color in your palette. We will start with an orange based tone to calm down the gray or an olive type color to amend the pink or orange. That takes you back to neutral. All of this is subject to the undertones of the individual that shows up for services.

This process is both an art and a science.  A new color can then be used to reshape and recreate a natural looking brow or lash line. There is a small percentage of time that color has been implanted so deep into the tissue that neither the color nor the shape can be changed significantly. Scar tissue can also play a part in this scenario. This can be a frustrating situation for the client. Laser tattoo removal is the best option at this point.