Microbladed (hair stroke) eyebrows are all the rage right now. Women and men, from fifteen to ninety years of age are trading in their sparse brows for a shaped and fuller looking brow line with microblading. Our eyebrows are the perfect frame for our eyes, which are the mirror to the soul. Eyebrows also structure our face and give it good dimension, especially when they are correctly shaped. A fuller brow brings youthfulness to the person wearing it and who doesn’t want that?

There is some confusion about the microblading procedure out there. This process does break the skin and pigment is implanted into the tissue. Many non-tattoo professionals are doing microblading. The state of Missouri currently sees microblading as something different than tattoo, so they are not regulating it at all under the Office of Tattooing.

Microblading is being promoted as being a semi-permanent procedure. Any time pigment is implanted into the skin, it is a permanent tattoo. If the pigment particles do not reach the dermis layer of the skin, the pigment will disappear during the healing process or will often slough off over a few month’s period, as the skin replaces itself every 30 days so it is continuously evolving.

Microblading not done deep enough often doesn’t last longer than a couple months to six months at best. This can lead to client frustration when their eyebrows begin to disappear, especially with the price one pays for microblading.

Instead, you should consider using an experienced, licensed tattooist who is a permanent cosmetic professional. We are familiar with the anatomy of the skin, the best anesthetics to provide the least painful experience possible and the way different skin takes pigment. An experienced tattooist or permanent cosmetics professional knows how to implant the color so it will hold for several years before a color boost or refresher is needed to keep one’s colors fresh as they age.

Like anything, experience is the best teacher. At Beautiful You Permanent Cosmetics, we have been doing permanent cosmetics for twelve years plus and have been doing the microblading procedure for four years now, since this procedure first made its way to the United States. We are experts at incorporating your old eyebrow tattoo into the newer microblading procedure, giving your permanent eyebrows a more natural brow look.