Sometimes things don’t go exactly as expected. We have been receiving a lot of calls about people who have had their makeup done elsewhere and things went awry. Usually, the calls pertain to eyebrows that are placed too low, too high, or brows that are too chunky in the arch and sometimes just not the right shape for the person on whose face they sit. We always recommend people communicate with their original technician and give them a chance to correct the situation if they are able. Sometimes the original technician doesn’t know how to address the situation. Sometimes the technician has closed up shop. Sometimes trust has been lost and the client is ready to seek assistance elsewhere.

Microneedling eyebrow replacement

Brow correction without removal.

This is where Beautiful You comes in. We have been doing permanent cosmetics for 16 years now and have seen nearly every possible situation when it comes to permanent makeup. There are several things that we can do to remediate these situations. We start by listening to what the client wants and how they think their makeup needs to look. Then we map out new brows, eyeliner or lip line and talk about expectations. We give you an honest assessment of what we are seeing and several approaches to the problem. Some of these approaches might include lasering off the existing makeup and starting over. We can do that. Most approaches include minor removal using a chemical, mechanical process or color correction. This usually takes up to three visits before it’s all said and done and you get the makeup you were striving for to begin with.

Laser hair removal services

Laser removal after one session.

In the permanent cosmetics industry, when you start over with a new technician, you usually start over with pricing as well. In short, most technicians don’t do other technicians color boosts or touch ups. Why? Because often there is some color correction needed and the new technician doesn’t know what pigment line or technique was used. Scar tissue also plays a role. Once a client starts over at Beautiful You, we go about the business of keeping your makeup refreshed for years to come. You don’t pay original pricing again unless we haven’t seen you for over 5 years. Inside of that 5-year mark you pay between $50-$200 for a color boost depending on the situation.

The terms “permanent” cosmetics and “semi-permanent” cosmetics can be a little deceiving. The Society of Permanent Cosmetics™ considers all permanent cosmetics to be permanent in that the pigment never leaves the body, although it will lighten considerably over time if not color boosted or touched up. Our recommendation? Keep your makeup refreshed every 1-3 years so it can change with you as you age. Most people lighten as they age so those rich brunette brows when you were 30 are sometimes a soft beige in your 60’s.

Our usual cost for a new brow or eyeliner starts at $400. When we see clients who have had their makeup done elsewhere, the cost starts at $450. For the month of June, we are offering a special for those clients that have had their eyebrows or eyeliner done elsewhere but want to have it done over, for whatever reason, at Beautiful You for $75 off! Come on over and give us a try. Our goal is to give you makeup you will love!!