Over the last nine years, I’ve heard my clients say, “I over plucked my brows when I was younger and now I have no brows”. Over plucking doesn’t make hair not grow. Usually the culprit to both brow and eyelash loss is hormonal but sometimes thyroid issues or treatments for cancer can be the cause.

Permanent cosmetics are a great solution for both of these issues. The SofTap method of permanent cosmetics is a wonderful option for eyebrows especially. It leaves a very soft, natural look to enhance the eyebrows that have become sparse.

Lots of women wonder if they are supposed to shave, wax or pluck any remaining eyebrow hair after they’ve had permanent cosmetics to the brow. My response is always the same. Keep whatever hair you have naturally that falls within that new brow line we put on with permanent cosmetics. Your natural hair helps to make your permanent makeup brow look that much more natural and pretty. Any stray hairs outside of your new makeup brow can be plucked away though.

When a woman in her thirties and into her forties matures, often her youthful and natural beauty begins to change, not necessarily for the worse, but change it does. The elasticity of the skin seems to soften. The naturally pink of the cheeks can become pale and the shine in her eyes can become a little dull. Sometimes eyelashes that were once full, lush and lengthy can become sparse, making her eyes seemingly disappear within her face. Eyebrows that used to be in full supply and growing everywhere you didn’t want them to, slowly become wispy thin or turn blond or white over the years.

Eyeliner with permanent cosmetics is a wonderful thing to have. I believe that many women worry that it will look garish, too intense maybe, when in fact it is very natural looking and can really give your eyes the definition they once had. Most women who finally have permanent cosmetics say they wish they had done it years ago.

The whole idea of permanent eyeliner is to give the eyelash line a boost, creating the impression of a full and rich lash line again. Clients tell me all the time about their girlfriends, sisters or of acquaintances saying, “You always look so put together. How do you keep your makeup looking so nice?” Their response of course is permanent cosmetics, if they are open to sharing their secret in the first place.

Permanent cosmetics are a great worry and time reducer. You can sweat, play and swim without worrying that your eyebrows will go askew or that your eyes will disappear after the mascara and liner wash off. Neither are watery eyes an issue any longer with permanent cosmetics. The woman with permanent cosmetics can feel a confidence that she never felt before without applying her makeup to go out of the house.