Eyebrows, specifically microbladed brows, are all the rage right now. This is leading many people to try to get into the cosmetic tattooing game. The state of Missouri does not regulate microblading at all. In fact, it does not consider it tattoo and therefore does not feel it needs to be regulated at this point. Lots of people, often with no previous beauty or medical training, are running off to weekend workshops to learn “microblading” and then coming back and offering Groupon or local discounts for brows. A perfect brow photo is placed into the ad and for $75 – $100, you can get your brows done. But unfortunately you often get what you pay for.

In the last six months alone, we have had over 35 clients who have had their eyebrow tattoo done elsewhere who have a very poor brow job. Often the placement of the brow is off, putting the arch too central, too high, or too low. Often the tails are too high or low and the bulb misplaced as well. Several people have been back numerous times to their original technician and are still not pleased. When they come to us for correction, we are often faced with a brow that has been done two and three different times and by then has healed several colors. Often, we see several different placements on the same brow line. While we are very skilled in correction work, some of these brows need to be removed via laser before we can provide an improved outcome. This is something that is referred out and includes more money, time, and a dose of pain for the client to have the laser done.

There are many elements that go into a good eyebrow. The first of which is measurement. Everything on the face is a measurement. The technician must be skilled and experienced in doing the proper measurement for proper placement. This is very individual and is based on the client’s own physical landmarks of the face. Another element is color. Human skin is a mix of warm and cool undertones. A skilled technician needs to understand the pigment product line they use and how it interacts with the various color influences of the client. A skilled technician will spend ample time with a client studying her colors, her style, her objective for her brows and the concerns she has before any pigment is placed in the skin.

When it comes to putting permanent cosmetics on your face, we highly recommend doing your due diligence before having your brows done. Get referrals. Check reviews on Google, Genbook, Facebook, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and other local search engines. The Society of Permanent Cosmetics is a great place to find local permanent cosmetics artists. It will save you time, money and much, much angst in how you feel about yourself if you find a technician that is skilled. If you decide to have microblading done, it is both our professional and personal recommendation that you choose a technician that is a licensed tattoo artist. This will greatly increase the likelihood of a satisfactory finished look.