The thought of a “tattoo” on the face, to many people, sounds frightening. In terms of permanent cosmetics, which is technically a tattoo, there are many positive things that can be done with this. Tattoo simply means to implant pigment or color, into the skin. This benefit is of value to many, both men and women, who are trying to bring symmetry to their facial features. When an experienced permanent cosmetics technician applies makeup, it can create a new sense of completeness to the recipients look. This can be a self confidence booster!

Many people lack symmetry due to a variety of causes; an accident or injury, illness such as hypothyroidism or cancer or simply aging. Permanent cosmetics can bring symmetry to your facial features again. For instance, permanent eyebrows can be applied in a variety of soft, natural colors that match your current brow or lash colors. A hair stroke method of applying brows called microblading gives the most natural brow look when healed. Observers literally cannot tell that the brow is not real hair. This can bring back a strong sense of self confidence back to the recipient.

Permanent eyeliner can define the eye amidst the face, which can help to also boost self-confidence. As we age, our colors fade and our features can sometimes disappear within our face. A soft, complimentary color of eyeliner done in a subtle, natural way can draw the eyes out again. There are many ways that people wear their makeup. Permanent cosmetics can be done both subtle and natural looking or dramatic and enchanting. An experienced technician can help the recipient with the most flattering way for her to wear her makeup.