As permanent cosmetics professionals, we’ve learned that there are a lot of variables when it comes to dealing with human skin. The protective skin of your body is the largest organ of the human body. In terms of implanting pigment into human skin for the purposes of a tattoo or permanent cosmetics, our technicians are experienced in dealing with many different variables and the medical background of our owner is essential in handling each situation properly.

As much as our technicians would love to give a perfect application of whatever permanent cosmetic procedure you desire, there are some things that are simply out of our control. For instance, depending on the amount of the fluid volume a person has in their body at any given moment, implanting pigment into their skin may be a challenge.

Some people experience swelling due to certain health conditions, medications, various times of the day, or ingestion of certain foods particularly those with high sodium or salt content. When clients come in for their appointment already experiencing swelling before receiving permanent cosmetics, some may be more difficult to implant with pigment.

With just the first pass of the application tip, your body begins the process of dealing with that intrusion to the skin. This is called inflammation. This is a compensatory response of the body, helping to ward off an intruder. During inflammation, immune cells such as macrophages, dendritic cells, dendritic cells, histiocytes, Kupffer cells and mast cells all have a part in this. Vasodilation causes increased blood flow to the area and redness and heat also show up. That’s a lot of activity at the site of pigment implementation.

Another variable regarding the skin is the kinds of medication a client may be on. For instance, some people use a lash enhancer, which is a medication of sorts. At the area of the lashes, the skin becomes thinned so that nutrient rich blood can enrich the lash follicles at the lash line, causing the lashes to grow thicker and longer. But, in terms of doing permanent eyeliner on a person who is using a lash enhancer, it can cause some significant bleeding during the procedure. Imagine attempting to implant pigment when the person has blood showing up with each touch of the tip. It can be a little tricky.

Another factor that strongly impacts your skin is whether or not you ingest essential oils and or additional supplements. Many of our clients utilize essential oils as part of their health and wellness. These can cause the skin to react somewhat strangely. The skin can become somewhat macerated with just a few swipes of the application tip. There is often additional swelling with these products. Reducing the consumption of essential oils and additional supplements is recommended for a couple of weeks before any permanent cosmetic procedure.

These are a few reasons why some people will need a color boost within that first year while others will not. At Beautiful You Permanent Cosmetics, around 40% of our customers return within the first year for a color boost (adjusting shape, tweaking color, lengthening or thickening) while for others it may be three to five years before they may need a color boost.

A color boost within the first year of an application of eyeliner or eyebrows (microblading) is $50. If you need a color boost on eyeliner or brows after one year from the application site, the cost is $100. Our goal is that we can keep a nice, fresh and appropriate color as you age.